The Statue of Liberty Torch - the first in our new true-to-life "Monument Series" of model kits.
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Our recently completed industrial dewatering pump project utillized the latest in 3D-CAD and rapid prototyping technologies. Click here to see more...

Custom Replicas developed its reputation in response to the collector market, to accurately re-create television and film collectables for the discerning collector. In essence, we build dreams into dreams come true. Since 1999, we have been driven to satisfy the collector market with rare and unusual classic film, television, and recently, historical re-creations in the form of ships and vessels.

Our goals lie somewhere between the fanciful and practical, but with an openess to whatever the client truly desires, and can afford. As one can imagine, it takes painstaking research, a highly trained staff of artisans, and the proper financial backing to accomplish any really worthwhile work of art. And the miniatures we strive to build, are no exception. We respectfully challenge collectors to find the quality we employ elsewhere, at comparable budgets.

And by comparable budgets, we do not mean at the "hobbyist" level. Building great miniatures to the level of detail that we employ (often times better than actual stage film models), requires great planning, months or even years, and at a level that would be comparable to several luxury cars or a small home. We have successfully built museum quality miniatures between $60,000.00 to $250,000.00 USD.

To celebrate our 14th anniversary, we have taken great care to revise our website, for greater ease of navigation, and more concise understanding of our many past and present portfolios. Our most current project updates will now be featured on our home page.

Whether you are interested in having us build a dream come true, producing your next line of model kits, or having an existing miniature restored, feel free to inquire by contacting us. Rest assured, we'll take the necessary time to evaluate your request and respond with an appropriate solution and the correct budget requirements to complete the assignment.

Enjoy your visit, and feel free to browse our many portfolios.

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