Q: Are these kits or customized builds?
A: They are for the most part customized or individually unique “one of kind” build-ups.

Q: Does Custom Replicas just build Fantasy & Sci-Fi?
A: We’ll entertain nearly any subject matter so long as we feel we can meet the client’s expectations. It just so happens that most request thus far have been for Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Real Space.

Q: What is the average cost of most projects?
A: Well now, that is the proverbial $64,000.00 question, as the saying used to go. These builds mimic, rival and often surpass the original studio filming miniatures, so one can imagine that our projects are in a “collector appropriate” price range. Very simply, these works of art are not an inexpensive venture. And, we thoroughly believe, you get what you are prepared to pay for.

Q: How long does an average job take to complete?
A: Our shortest job was 2 weeks, and the longest job will be nearly a year. It varies greatly, as it’s hard to rush “stellar quality art”.

Q: Does Custom Replicas offer restoration work?
A: Yes, and we have a trained movie industry staff that fully understand just how to do this kind of work, with original quality materials, or modernizing. We can offer full or partial restoration work dependant upon customer needs or wants.

Q: Does Custom Replicas offer appraisals for TV miniature replicas or props for collectors?
A: Yes, but as with all collector pieces, our fee to examine and evaluate by way of photos or in person, is determined by the current condition and complexity of object(s). We then offer a written statement for sales or insurance purposes.

Q: Do we make charitable miniature or model contributions?
A: No, we do not, nor do we load our dumpsters with “seconds” for free pickings.