Galaxy Class Enterprise D - Movie Version (Generations). Not being the Star Trek fan that many reading this website may be, though knowledgeable enough to point out the main differences between the original TV version and the revised Movie Generations version. Very few detail changes, save for the rear of the upper engine parts (rear center of the nacelle). Mostly, a very complex 4 color (although there are areas of 5 colors)  paint scheme, vs. the 2 color original TV paint scheme. Much of the blue/green scheme has been replaced with a gray base for 3 blues (1 light and 2 darker) values. The yellower deflector dish housing, and much more graphic design work in the overall patterning. Then there is the different scale of the graphics which adorn the whole of the ship, with bolder type, and a blue vs. white hangar bay number.

This is once again a major revision and reconstruction of the 30” x 40” Sovereign Replicas Enterprise D fiberglass kit. The nacelles were re-patterned, and cast in translucent blue/red. A very stable round platter base and power/lighting system was once again used, as it proved extremely reliable on the first Enterprise D build our studio undertook. Except for the paint scheme, a very similar build overall.

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