Series 1 - Crow's Nest 1/96 scale Mercury Atlas resin model kit. Left shows the original orange master next to the first casting. Remaining shots of various kit parts. Production: May 2010.
Series 2 - Crow's Nest 1/32 scale Mercury Redstone and Atlas capsule resin model kit. Left to right: patterns ensemble, patterns clay-up, first castings. Second row: Atlas version capsule, parts ensemble, hard tools for escape tower white-metal, vulcanized white-metal molds, white-metal parts bags.
Series 3 - Crow's Nest 1/48 scale Proteus from Fantastic Voyage. Left to right: Upper and lower hull patterns before refinishing. After refinishing & primer added, mold set-up for various interior parts, more of the same, and first half of lower hull mold. Second row: more individual molds, upper hull first casting, first kit ensemble, multiple kits, and lastly, white-metal samples made from hard tools.
Series 4 - Crow's Nest 1/48 scale "Icarus" from Planet Of The Apes, & Escape From The Planet Of The Apes. Left to right: Movie upper hull in clay-up, upper hull mold, various parts molds, first casting batch, first run batch. Second row: Escape Apes clay-up, first castings, translucent platinum molds, translucent castings, and lastly, white-metal interior parts.