Custom Replicas offers a wide range of services suited to meet low (1 to 25) and medium (1 to 100+) production run needs. These services are aimed at helping start up and small business get into test or market quality production without having to resort to overseas mass quantity requirements.

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Molding services:

Whether your needs are small, medium or large in scale (check with us for limits), we can provide expert molding both in flexible silicone (RTV) or hard jacketed fiberglass systems. The most import aspect is that we can reproduce a faithful copy of whatever is given to us in the form of a pattern. Most of the time we usually employ setting up patterns in clay or other supports to create RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) type molds, from which we inject resin into, to create numerous copies. However, we can also create fiberglass jacketed molds from which to support larger patterns, whereby the RTV is minimized to only a mere fraction or skin, necessary to create the lay-up, casting or roto-casting.
Casting services:
We use a very stable and minimal shrinkage resin know as “Hardcast” for both fine detail and to keep the castings as close to the size of the patterns as production needs would expect. Castings can be produced in standard untinted (beige) or tinted (color of choice), as well as translucent (reds, blues, yellows, etc.). We invite your special needs as well.
Rapid prototype services:
In this arena, we work with the client’s needs as there are many applications and different processes available. We typically take your 3D file, convert it to an .stl type file, or take your existing “water tight” .stl type file and have it grown in a medium or high resolution output process. We can then ship the direct result to you, or clean up the output (gentle watersanding) for production ready needs - in display, assembly, or into production (molding & casting).
Spin-casting white metal, photo-etch, laser cut and custom brass/aluminum services:
In today’s mixed medium kit world, it is not unusual to have need to include spun cast white metal, custom brass, and/or aluminum parts into an otherwise plastic or resin environment. We offer the ability to have custom small machined brass/aluminum and photo-etched parts from 2D or 3D files. If you cannot provide drawn files, we can provide that as a service as well.