February 2013

Accurate Models introduces the 1:48 Scale Statue of Liberty Torch – the 1st of the planned American Monuments Series. Final size to be determined, though close to 1:48 scale – at over 10" in height. Model kit to be a mixed media type with a white-metal handrail and balcony. Part of further project which will serve as the prototype for a complete Statue of Liberty model.

Left to right – proposed Liberty's Torch shown from all major views. Arm is temporary stand-in for a final revised sculpted arm more reminiscent of Liberty's actual arm and hand.
Left to right – 3D modeler, Steve Tyler, sculpted a near perfect re-creation of the 1986 restored Statue of Liberty Torch flame. All flame tips were set into place from actual published Photogrammetry and restoration survey drawings. Bottom pendant was also sculpted from extensive photographic research.

Left to right - revised four ortho views with corrected foream, torch hanlde, pendant and upper balustrade with railing added. Revisions to flame as well.

Left to right - most recogtnizeable 3D views of the Torch and Forearm in development

Next updates to feature cut lines in forearm and further refinements to the balystrade and upper torch handle.